Snozcumber Slime

Snozcumber Slime

Following on with our BFG theme we had great fun making 'Snozcumber Slime'!  

So much fun exploring this!  So simple to make too!

Chia seed slime

What do you need?

Chia seeds (affiliate link)
Large cucumber
Green food colouring

How did we do it?

First soak the chia seeds in a cup of water and add a little green food colouring.

After about 10 minutes they should have expanded.

Mix in a bowl with approximately 1 cup of corn flour - add is slowly mixing well until it just forms a liquid.

Now cut the cucumber in half and scrape out the middle.

All done - we use a cat litter tray (affiliate link) to explore.

Snozcumber sensory slime


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The Ultimate DIY Giant Bubbles

DIY Giant Bubble mixture

Wow today was the day - after months of trying I finally seem to have cracked the Giant bubble mixture!!

Giant DIY bubbles

The forecast for Sunday is warm and light winds - perfect for giant bubbles so I thought I would try making some mixture again.

I have tried several - two of the best have been Happy Hooligans, however I found that the cornflower didn't mix well and just settled to the bottom. And the lovely Red Ted Art's version - which worked well too.

I did some more research and saw that some recipes call for HOT water.  I thought about this and it seemed to make sence so that every thing can blend together.  So I thought I would try.  I basically tried the Happy Hooligans recipe but altered it a little.

Homemade Giant Bubble Mixture

So - here is what I did.

Homemade Giant bubble ingredients

Ingredients and Quantities:

Glycerine  2 tbsp (affiliate link)
Baking powder 1 tbsp (affiliate link)
Fairy Liquid 1/2 cup 
Corn Flour 1/2 cup
HOT water  6 cups

First, we mixed the dry ingredients with a whisk.

Then, we mixed in the Glycerine and hot water.  We whisked this well until everything was blended and then a bit more! About 3 minutes.

Finally, we added the fairy liquid - we slowly mixed this so that we didn't create any bubbles.

Fairy Liquid Giant Bubble mix


We then left the mixture to rest overnight

I realised that we didn't have a bubble wand.  We had bought a kit in the past which had something very similar to this wand so I used the instructions at the bottom of this post from  Red Ted Art.

We have had so much fun - hope you do to!

BFG Inspired Dream Jars

BFG inspired dream bottles

We went to see the new BFG film and we were blown away.  Such a brilliant film.  As we watched it my mind whired with ideas of activities I could do with F and S.

As we are a few weeks into the holidays I wanted to do a little bit of writing with them so that they didn't forget completely by the beginning of term!

As we saw the BFG collecting the dreams I thought it would be great to make some of our own dreams!  This would lead to some label making and then writing and drawing descriptions of the dreams they created!

I set up a tray so when F & S came down in the morning they could hav an explore.  The tray was some basic bits from around the house - I have included some amazon affiliate links for bits that you may need to get:

BFG inspired dream bottles 2

Sorry for image on its side!  I'm too tired to change it!


Empty jam jars - I like to spray lids white so they look nicer - I have found great acrylic white paint

Glycerin - I use this alot so have big bottles at home

Various glitters and sequins - we raided poundland - so good for these kinds of things!



Glue stick

Dreams sensory jar

First we added the glitter and sequins.  As we were making the jar we talked about what dream they were making.  We discussed the colours we were choosing and why.

Next, we added a table of glycerin - it looked so beautiful in the jar!

Glycerin and glitter

Finally we filled it with water to the top!

I had made some labels so that we could glue them on the jar.

We then did some writing on some dream bordered paper I made (Free download).

Dreams border writing

It was lovely to see them writing and how they are coming on so well :)

After they had finished their writing they wanted to draw their dreams too!

The sweetest thing was that F & S decided that if they took their dreams to bed with them they might come true!

Sleeping with dream jar


Sweet dreams!!

DIY Kinetic Sand


We started our summer with a staycation trip around the South west of England.  

Absolutely stunning, but thoroughly exhausting.  Next, a week long course learning abut leading a forest school - fantastic, but exhausting!  Finally an amazing weekend with friends messing about on the river. We need a day to chillax at home and recharge our batteries, not to mention catch up on a mountain of house work!

When we were in cornwall F and S loved the sand on the beach.  Here in Aldeburgh we have pebbles, which I love but the kids aren't so keen! I have just got a fantastic tuff tray from amazon #affiiate and have always wanted to make some kinetic sand after F bought about a cupful with her pocket money for over £15! After looking at some on my pins on pinterest I found this recipe and thought I'd give it a try. (Thank you GimmieFreebies).

We had great fun making to Kinetic sand as well as playing with it!  We had collect some shells over the weekend which made some lovely patterns.

My amazon shopping list to extend this play (love my Amazon Prime subscription!)
Ice cream set to make pretend ice creams
Minature sand castle moulds
Miniature animal moulds tuff tray

I hope you have as much fun as we have!

Water colour wheel

Water colour wheel using coloured water

Easy to make water colour wheels are also a great fine motor skills activity.

I use these glass bottles (find similar on amazon #affiliate) I made the colour water using brusho - (also available from amazon - brusho).  I love these brusho crystals - they are quite expensive but a little goes a long long way.  I use them for art, play dough making,  chalk paint making and much more! So well worth getting.

First download the free printable - Water colour wheel and laminate it.  I have found some great laminating pouches that work really well and don't cost the earth. Laminating pouches  # affiliate.

pipette water onto the colour wheel

Freya carefully uses the pipette to add colour to cover each dot.  Once she covered all of the dots she mixed each section together using a cocktail stick.

Adding tissue to make colour wheel 

Once they are all mixed she carefully laid a piece of kitchen towel over the top.

Water colour wheel finished on paper

This then led to lots of discussion about colours and colour mixing.

It has also been popular in classes when I have used it!

Hope you enjoy it too!

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