Easter Egg Pinata

Easter Egg Pinata
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We had so much fun making this Easter Egg Pinata for an event at school.  It was really popular there too!

I was inspired by a post from Studio DIY for DIY Egg Popper Tree.   I have adapted this idea slightly though – see details below.

To make this Pinata you will need the following.  Poundland in the UK is where I got my supplies so a ten egg Pinata is less than £4!

Shopping list (affiliate links for amazon):

Plastic eggs
Pipe cleaners
Tissue paper
String (I love jute string for its natural feel)

You can choose to hide whatever you like in the eggs.  Here are some ideas we tried-

Mini chocolate eggs
Easter chicks
Tattoo stickers
Letters – we did this as part of a challenge where children collected eggs with letters in and had to find the code word to get the prize!


First thread a pipe cleaner through the two holes in the bottom of the egg.

Now form the pipe cleaner into a loop.

Finish by wrapping the pipecleaner ends round so they are tucked away.  I have put a marshmallow in this one.

Now close the egg and choose some tissue paper to wrap it in.  Cut a square of tissue paper.

Cut 2 pieces of sting about 60cm long.  Tie one onto the bottom of the pipe cleaner loop.

Now roll the tissue paper round the egg and then twist the ends like a sweet wrapper.  Twisting the pipe cleaner with the tissue paper will help hold it securely.

Secure the top of the tissue paper with the other piece of string.

Now repeat, making as many eggs as you think you will need.

I actually tied mine all on to an old sellotape roll – but you could just tie them all together.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!!

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