DIY Egg candler

DIY Egg candler
May 21, 2017 Comments Off on DIY Egg candler Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

We we have 12 runner duck eggs in our incubator at the moment. They have been in for 5 days and I wanted to check their progress. I normally use the titan egg candler Which is fantastic, however we are mid house move so it’s packed away.

Instead i found this easy DIY version which isn’t as detailed but does a great job.

I used a toilet roll over the light of my iPhone. You could easily use a high powered torch too!

As you can see from the picture above the area of shadow shows that the egg is beginning to develop. If there is no development the whole egg will just glow one colour.

Here is a picture of our incubator. As you can see Freya is very excited about the eggs hatching and is counting down the days.   We bought this incubator second hand but there are lots of others good ones available. Check our incubators on Amazon. #affilate

I would recommend Getting an incubator with an auto turning feature.

We got our eggs from eBay – amazing they were delivered through the post!

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We will keep you posted with how the ducklings develop.

Amazon Prime means you get things fast- I don’t know how I would live without Prime! Get a free trial now! #affiliate

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