5 Minute Ikea Classroom Clock hack – Free Download

5 Minute Ikea Classroom Clock hack – Free Download
September 12, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Minute Ikea Classroom Clock hack – Free Download Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

I have updated my teaching time printable to make this simple clock by hacking the Ikea Rusch clock.  If you can’t get to ikea not as you can buy the clock for a little extra on Amazon 🙂  Ikea Rusch clock #affilaite

Just download my Free Clock printable and cut it out.

Carefully remove the clock front.  There are three little tabs you need to push in – then the front will come out.  I did the biggest one first.  You do need to be careful not to damage the plastic.

Carefully remove the hands.

I used a skewer to carefully make a hole in the middle of my clock printable.  Then glued it in place.

NB:  Make sure your put it the right way up!  12 needs to cover the ole 12!

Now carefully place the hands back.  Hour hand first, then minutes, then seconds.

Finally, place the front back on. Voila!

I have added the beads round the edge for a more visual approach – see how the printable also has the 5 bead bars to mark the minutes/seconds.

You could use numicon here as well 🙂

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