Personal Dictionaries – free download

Personal Dictionaries – free download
August 7, 2018 Comments Off on Personal Dictionaries – free download Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

I have been trying to find a personal dictionary to use in my class.  I couldn’t find any I liked and had some time on my hands so created these.

Each dictionary has a box on the front for the child to make their own.

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Each letter of the alphabet has a page.  I have used the top 1000 words to include in the dictionary – but then allowed space for children to add their own words too.

On the inside cover there is a quick reference for the top 100 HFW.

The back pages include letter formation guides and a list of the phase 3 and 5 digraphs and trigraphs.

The books are printed on 8 A4 pages (printing on both sides) which you then fold in half.  When printing I have printed the first page of the PDF on 160 gms card so the cover is stiffer.

NB:  I love my long arm stapler for making books.  I found this great one for less the £10 on amazon.

I have created them in 18 colours – so hopefully all of the children will find one they like!

Download them here:

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