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igh and oa word lists
Image July 22, 2019 montessorisoul

Free printable of phonic reading lists for the sounds igh and oa.

igh – Buried treasure coins
Image July 22, 2019 montessorisoul

Free printable of coins for the igh sound. Both real and fake words for buried treasure game or obb and bob

I have Who has game cards: ai ee igh sounds
July 22, 2019 montessorisoul

I have who has game cards for the sounds ai ee igh.

igh Dobble cards
Image July 22, 2019 montessorisoul

I have made these ‘igh’ word cards to pay the dobble game with.  I plan to use it both in continuous provision and as a guided phonics lesson.  Either the children can play dobble the traditional way, where each card will have one word that matches with another card.  The person who says the correct

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Phonics Resources – Letters and Sounds – Phase 3
August 7, 2018 montessorisoul

Phase 3 pictures with words pictures with letters wordlist coins j and v w and z x ch sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo (short) oo (long) ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er

Buried treasure coins
Image November 8, 2015 Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Buried Treasure coins! The children I work with really enjoy the interactive games on Phonics play – I wanted to create and offline version so I have made coins for each phoneme in the Phase 3 letters and sounds. All free just click the star to go through to the file! Green Set 1

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Updated Phonics resources
Image July 29, 2015 Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Here are the phonics resources I have made for Phase 2 to Phase 5 in the UK Letters and sounds. PS: Just click the star to go through to the file! Pink Box 2 Box 4 satpi n m and d g o c ck e u r h b f/ff l j and v

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Pure Sounds phonics
Image October 1, 2014 Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

  The current trend for teaching reading is using phonics… which is great as that is how Montessori has always done it. For those that don’t know, learning to read using phonics is done by teaching children sounds. There are 44 phonemes (sounds) which relate to the letters of the alphabet (25, q is taught

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