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We have a night vision camera set up in our garden. Last night we saw a hedgehog! Very exciting! I use the Bushnell camera which we have found is brilliant – you can buy it at Amazon . To see our video click here.

This has sparked a great interested in my children so we are going to do lots of hedgehog related things!!

Firstly I have created some free Three part cards for the parts of a hedgehog – download here.

Terminology cards Parts of a hedgehog

We have discovered that the baby hedgehog can be called a hoglet or an urchin – we wondered if it is after a sea urchin? The male is called a Bore and the Female a sow. I was going to make animal family cards for the hedgehog but, other than their genetals there is no easy way to difrentiate between the Male and the Female so this wouldn’t work with photos.

I have found this wonderful website with detailed instructions on how to make a house for a hedgehog – click here.

Hedgehog house

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