Helping with Letter Reversal

Helping with Letter Reversal
October 29, 2014 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Bed and Pig

Here are some helpful tricks we use to help with letter reversal. I know there are lots out there but this one we have found to be the least confusing. There are two here for b and d as well as p and g. If you know any more please share on my facebook page.


b and d

To help with b and d letter reversal Freya makes a bed with her hands – see the photos below as a picture paints a 1000 words is certainly true in this case.

bed hands

It is important that the knuckles are together.

Bed image

I said to Freya imagine that there is a pillow on the flat bit (above left index finger) and that is where you lay your head. I asked Freya to imagine who was sleeping in her bed to check she really understood that her hands were a bed.

Bed word

You could use these photos to help but I used my index finger to draw imaginary letters for Freya to see.


It took her a few goes but now when she gets stuck on a b or d up go her hands. Such a nice trick to give children independence to support their own reading and writing.


p and g

When I was researching this I also came across the pig for p and g. These aren’t letters that Freya confuses so much but I thought it would be nice to share.

pig hands

Hands together again but this time thumbs pointing down.

pig picture

The thumbs form the legs of the pig.

pig picture and words

Again I showed Freya how the hands roughly form the shape of the letters.

pig word

It would be more helpful if pig was spelt piq as Freya seems to mix up p and q more – but at least this way she can check the p and knows that q goes the other way.

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