Supporting Spelling at home

Supporting Spelling at home
November 9, 2014 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Spelling support


Freya has just started getting spellings at school. As a parent it is the first time I have had to deal with ‘home work’. I want to be able to support Freya with her work, however, I want to also help her to do things independently if she wants to.

Her school uses the ‘Look, say, cover,write,check’ method – I have made up some practise sheets for her to use. This method really seems to work for Freya – but for the first few times I have to be there working with her as she often can’t read these tricky words. So the spelling practice becoems reading practice too.

So, I wanted to try and find something that would allow Freya to hear the words without asking me. I instantly thought iPad (other tablets are available but so far I only looked on the iPad!)

The app I have found is called Pixopop Sight words and here’s why I like it so much:

pixopop sight words

Reason 1: It is easy to use with in Minutes you and your love ones will be able to use it

Reason 2: It allows you to add your own spelling list – it also allows you to record your own words if they are not in the word bank – making it completely versatile!

pixopop sight words

Reason 3: The three stages of learning really fit in with the Montessori three period lesson:

Lesson 1 – Flash Cards. This matches the first period of the Montessori three period lesson, ‘This is…’. If the child can’t read the word they can press it and hear the word. This stage can be repeated freely until the child feels comfortable i most importantly it can be done independently 🙂

pixopop sight words

Lesson 2 – Word Chalenge. This matches the second period of a Montessori three period lesson, ‘Show me…’. The child is presented with 4 options, they have to read the words an say which matches the word that has been spoken.

pixopop sight words

Lesson 3 – Spelling. Mathcing the third period of a Montessori three period lesson. ‘What is this…’. What I especially like here is that the app uses a lowercase alphabet AND you can choose it you have standard qwerty keyboard or the numbers are in alphabetical order.

pixopop sight words

Freya has been practicing her spellings using the app and it appears to work brilliantly. She doesn’t feel presured with me watching over her AND she got full marks!

I hope you find it useful too!! It only costs £1.99 in the UK and $2.99 in the US. Bargain in my opinion.


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