Christmas Gift Ideas – 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas – 2014
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Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

So what will you be buying for Christmas presents this year? Here are a few gift ideas of either things I have seen and will be getting this Christmas or bits we have bought throughout the year and have been a huge success. It does include affiliate links – but the opinions are completely my own.

Kinetic Sand – This stuff is amazing – I want to get it for Seb although I am pretty sure Freya will be busy playing as well. It is basically a dry sand that sticks together! Hopefully it will be good at keeping the mess down!

Triop World – We went to an aquarium in half term and see these kits – Freya and Seb both love animals and lifecycles so think they will find this fascinating. I am also planning to get these for gifts for friends families.

Etch-a-scetch – Freya picked one of these in the shop the other day she couldn’t stop using it!

Good quality wheel barrow -Freya and Seb love being in the garden and although they love using our full size wheel barrow it normally ends up tipping up – this child sized one will be perfect!

Small gardening tools – Freya and sebs tools are worn out after years of use – I love that these tools come in a nice carrier so they can be put away tidily each time. I always encourage them to wash their tools to keep them in good condition – they love washing them too!

Miniture tools – I do a lot of DIY and making of resources – I still have to show you Eleanor the cow I made to learn about milking cows! Freya and Seb love using tools with me so their main present this year will be this tool set with a bundle of balsa wood. I hope it will spark their creativity. Seb already has the Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench which is great – but hopefully will be even better with real tools!

Suspend Game – Another game that Freya couldn’t leave in a toy shop! I think this will be great for their fine motor and to encourage being careful 🙂

Ocean Book – This book is mesmerising! The photos actually move!! We have used it a lot as we have been looking at turtles and sharks recently – it is definitely a treat to but though but worth it!

Phases of the Moon light – Every night when Freya and Seb go to sleep we use this as a night light. As part of the Space blog I did we looked at phases of the moon – this is great for reinforcing that and it is a soothing light too! Perfect – It switches of automatically after 20 minutes so the battery is still going strong!

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