Snowman Garland by Freya age 5 and 3/4

Snowman Garland by Freya age 5 and 3/4
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Paper Christmas Wish Tree

I must spend hours looking on Pinterest for ideas to inspire Freya and Seb. I saw this amazing Snowman advent garland by Whimsy love. Reading her post though it wasn’t very easy for Freya to do independently so with a bit of tweaking here is my version! PS I just discovered PicMonkey for image editting – what do you think? (Sorry about some of the picture quality it was early and I had to snap quickly!)

I had to find where to get 50mm Diameter Polystyrene Spheres bag of 30 from and ended up buying them on amazon – I am really pleased with them. Affiliate link.

Snowman Garland 1

First you nee a card disk about 50mm in diameter. I found this little shot glass that was the perfect size!

Snowman Garland 2

Bless Freya she looks so tired but was so exctied that we did this at 6:30 this morning! Here she is cutting out the card disk.

Snowman Garland 3

You might notice that the card disk is a different colour! This is actually a photo from the second snowman she made – this is because we treaked it a bit as she struggled to use the needle to punch through the card. The hole punch allowed her to do the activity more independently 🙂 So punch a hole in the middle of the disk.

Snowman Garland 4

Now using a needle thread some wool or thing ribbon through the disk – I had some threadable pom poms that I got in a bulk order before. #Affiliate link. Then tread the pom pom – go back again leaving a loop at the top. Once you have finished know the wool so it won’t slip back through the pop pom.

Snowman Garland 5

Any excuse to use a sharpie!!

Snowman Garland 6

Freya used a wooden skewer to make a hole in the polystrene to add a pipe cleaner nose.

Snowman Garland 7

She dipped the pipecleaner is some PVA glue and then stuck it in the hole se had made.

Snowman Garland 8

Another hole in the top to attach the hat. This hole needs to be quite big so you can stick the wool and know in.

Snowman Garland 9

Freya dipped the end of the wool in to PVA and then used the flat end of the skewer to secure it all in the hole she had made.

Snowman Garland 10

She was so proud of this – on her second snowman the only part she needed help with was the needle threading.

We ended up threading them up in the kitchen… Snowmen can stay up beyond Christmas can’t they….

Snowman garland

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