Freya made Reindeer cards

Freya made Reindeer cards
December 7, 2014 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Embossed Reindeer Thumbprint cards

Freya wanted to make cards for her friends and teachers at school. I wanted to find something that was easy to achieve a good effect as she has over 20 to make!

When we were in the craft shop getting an ink pad I saw the embossing bits which reminded me of my stash at home! For embossing you simply need a Embossing heat gun #Affiliate and Papermania 1 oz Embossing Powder, Gold #Affiliate

I love Anita’s cards which I normally pick up when they are on offer – but you can get them from Amazon #Affilate Anitas 50pk White Cards and Envelopes.

Today I used the tall cards. To prepare things so Freya could do things as independently as possible I cut 24 9.5cm squares from some Christmas card stock and 24 7.5cm square bits of white card.

Reindeer cards 1

Freya used her thumb to print with brown ink on the 7.5cm square bit of card.

Reindeer cards 2

She then sprikled with embossing powder. You have to get it on quite quickly before the ink dries. Then you shake it off – as you would using glitter.

Reindeer cards 3

I did supervise this as the Embossing heat gun does get very hot. She spotted quickly when the powder melted as it became metalic gold colour. Never wanting to miss an opportunity we had a discussion about what happens to the powder. Freya said it melts as it gets hot! Hooray!

Reindeer cards 4

We had also go some 352 x Red Self Adhesive Diamante Stick On Rhinestone Gems 4mm #affiliate. Freya stuck these on as the reindeer nose.

Reindeer cards 5

The sharpie comes out again for the eyes…

Reindeer cards 6

and antlers.

Reindeer cards 8

Finally it needs to be glued together – first the christmas cardstock – then the reindeer print.

Reindeer cards 9

Carefully press it down and wow – it looks great!!

Reindeer cards 10

What a lovely unique card… I might make some myself!

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