Safety Pin Bracelets

Safety Pin Bracelets
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Safety Pin Bracelets

I was so exctited when Freya got given a Safety Pin Bracelet kit for Christmas. (This is a similar kit on Amazon Safety Pin Bracelets (Klutz) #Affiiate) A very Nostalgic gift for me as when I was 13 I set up a small business selling bracelets though a oca craft shop!! Freya was so excited too so I couldn’t wait to start. When we opened the kit it all flooded back – but back in the day I had really refined the art so I want to share how I made safetly pin bracelets as a 13 year old and the techniques that I refined!

What do you need?


Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 2

The fun part! Open up the safety pin and thread some beads on. Close the safety pin again.

(As a safety point – if you want to secure the pin so it stays shut you can use pliers to squeeze the fastener shut – we haven’t but if you are concerned you could.)

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 3

For Freya’s bracelet we needed about 50 safety pins – but you can start threading earlier to see how many you need 🙂

Once you are ready to start threading take a length of elastic – approx 60cm to be safe.

Fold the elastic in half.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial  4

Now start by taking a safety pin and treading it on to the elastic.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 5

When you add the next safety pin make sure that it is the other way up – so you are alternating.

NB: Make sure that all safety pins are bead side up.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 6

As you continue it will build up like this.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 1

When you think it is long enough test it on your wrist – it should go all the way round the wrist without stretching the elastic at all.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 9

When you have decided it is the right size it needs closing up.

The technique I used was to now thread back through the first 4 safety pins to make a full loop.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 10

We put the bracelet back on Freya’s wrist to check it was the right size. We then used a reef knot to tie the bracelet off. (I actually put two in to be safe an pulled it really tight)

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 11

Here it is! I love it – I am going to set up a tray in the kids play room as Freya wants to make some more! What a great tray activity.

Safety Pin bracelet tutorial 13

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Have a wonderful Christmas

Jo x

Jo @ MontessoriSoul

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