Melted Crayon Fireworks

Melted Crayon Fireworks
December 29, 2014 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Melted Crayon Firework

I had seen some great ideas on Pinterest about art with melted crayons (

We popped into the local Poundland and cot 48 crayons for… you guessed it a £1!!

We then went to the art shop and got some A1 180grms Paper – I wanted to make sure that Freya and Seb had enough room to explore without making too much mess!

Melted Crayon Fireworks 1

First the fiddly bit of getting the paper off the crayons…

Melted Crayon Fireworks 2


Melted Crayon Fireworks 3

I only had one hair dryer – so Freya used a heat gun. It worked brillianty but I was sure that Freya was sensible enough to use it as it is very hot. Freya held the crayon in the hot air and it soon began to melt. The force of the air is not very strong from the heat gun so the wax just dropped down.

It looks like a Firework! So our work suddenly became fireworks – very handy as it’s New Years eve soon!

Melted Crayon Fireworks 4

Seb was struggling with the hair dryer – he needed two hands to hold it. If we lay the crayon on the paper the hair dryer just blew it off!

So our solution was to put the paper on the wall and then tape some crayons too it! Now this did get messy so I recommend putting newspaper on the walls and floor as the wax did get blown around a bit!

But oh what fun! Seb loved it! We talked about the wax melting when it got hot. How the colours mixed together… so much learning!

Melted Crayon Fireworks 5

Freya then decided she wanted to add gitter to her picture… and why not! We came up with the solution of melting the wax again and sprinkling the glitter on which then stayed as the wax melted again.

Melted Crayon Fireworks 6

Freya was then fascinated by how the light shone through the paper!

Melted Crayon Fireworks 8

Of course having seen what her ‘Little Brother’ had Freya wanted a go too! So she set it up on her own.

Melted Crayon Fireworks 10

Look at the careful concentration – I love these moments where she is totally absorbed in her work.

Melted Crayon Fireworks 11

And voila – the photo realy doesn’t do it justise – but Freya and Seb really enjoyed this and the product is just as amazing as the process! I love that all of the ideas and creativity on this blog were from Freya and Seb 🙂

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Have a wonderful Christmas

Jo x

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