Independence Day activities

Independence Day activities
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Safety Pin Bracelets

We have been preparing for an Independence Day party and I wanted to share with you what we did.

First here are some of the trays we set up – hopefully the images are self explanitory:

Safety Pin independence day flag

Safety Pin Independence day flag. Thread beads onto a sfaty pin to make the pattern and then thread a set of safety pins on to one pin.

Free three part cards abut US

These cards are available as a free printable on Montessorisoul’s site.

3 part cards about US

Pointillism US Flag

Set up a tray for children to create US flag using the art technique of Pointillism.

Confetti popper:

Freya was keen to show you how to make a confetti popper! Here is the link where we found it originally – it is also on my Independence Day Pinterest board.

First you have to make the confetti – we did this using a tray set up with strips of paper and paper punches.

Confetti making tray

Next to make the launcher!

Confetti popper tray

toilet roll confetti launcher

Use double sided sticky tape on a toilet roll.

Confetti launcher

Add duble sided tape to end of paper too.

Confetti launcher

Attach paper and roll.

Confetti launcher

Tie a know in a ballon (don’t blow up!) and then cut the top off so that it can be stretched over the toilet roll (See next picture)

Confetti launcher

Secure with tape. (Can you see now that the knot acts as a launch tool?)

Confetti launcher

Fill tube with your confetti and you are ready to go!

My blog won’t let me embad the video So here is a link to it on Youtube –

Confetti launcher

And finally – being a Montessori child! – its time to tidy up!

Independence Day wind charm:

Pony bead wind charm

Here is the tray I set up.  We used transparent glitter pony beads but you can use any.

Pony bead wind charm

Sorting the beads! A true sign of a Montessori child as Freya wanted a box so that she could sort all of the beads into colurs – Love her!

Pony bead wind charm

Freya carefully filling the metal cookie cutters with beads (I gave her a bigger baking tray so she could do more than one at once!

Pony bead wind chime

Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200c (400f) Make sure you check a few times to see progress. We talked about the changes of state how the solid turns liquid etc at this point.

Pony bead wind charm

Once they have cooled pop the shapes out! We used double sided tape to attach them to ribbon but you can drill a hole. For another party each child made 1 star and we hung them on a pice of wood so there were 4 strands – it looked amazing and the kids were so proud of their work 🙂

Popsicle flags:

Here is the tray I set up for this activity.

Popsicle US Flag

Put two strips of double sided tape ansuring it is on every popsicle stick.

Popsicle US Flag

Attach the ribbon to the double sided tape.

Popsicle US Flag

Use the pens to colour your flag and hang 🙂


I hope you enjoy these activities. I have lots of ideas pinned on my Independence Day Pinterest board.

Jo @ MontessoriSoul

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