Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns
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Chinese lanterns

Each year one of my highlights is the Aldeburgh Carnival – a fantastic family day. In the evening the whole town gather on the high street for a chinese lantern procession – a truly amazing sight. We then prosess to the beach where we are treated to an amazing fireworks display next to the sea! Amazing!

So since Freya and Seb have been old enough we make our own lanterns for the parade and we are thrilled with this years design so we wanted to share it with you!

Getting prepared – you will need (includes affiliate links):

Tissue Paper
Washable PVA Glue (we used washable so spills didn’t matter!)
Wool or yarn
Tea light (we have used electric so won’t catch on fire!)

First I secured the balloon to a vase so that it was held securely.

Tear up the tissue paper into appox 2 inch squares but can be very rough – it’s amazing how the PVA glue binds it all together!

Mix up a 50/50 mix of PVA and water in a bowl. Cover the balloon in PVA – then a layer of tissues. Brush it all over with PVA and then another layer of tissue…. then another layer of PVA!

After a few trials we came up with this design to secure the top of the lantern. Wrap the wool round carefully 5 or 6 times to creat the top of the lntern (we trimmed extra tissue off later)

Now cover the rest in the wool in any patterns you like.

Seb was feeling camera shy!! But here he is coating it all in a final coat of PVA.

Then leave to dry completely! Once dry pop the balloon and you should have your lantern!


To make the handle Freya plaited some more wool.

We then glued it and pegged it in place while it dried.

Et Voila!!


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