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I was inspired by a post on a facebook page I follow to try this simple idea and Freya and Seb love it!

The idea is so simple and only takes a few minutes to set up if you use sharpies – but for a slightly more professional finish you could use my free printables!  (See below)

Basically any idea that you want to get the children to practice, numbers, phonics, time, shapes, colours, the list really is endless and Seb loved it age 4 so would probably work for younger!


  • Place prepared lolly sticks in a container – with a scattering of Kaboom sticks!
  • Each child pulls out a stick and has to say what’s on it – if they get it right they keep the stick – if not it goes back in the pot.
  • You carry on round the group.  If someone pulls out the Kaboom stick they loose all their sticks!
  • Carry on until all of the sticks have gone! Simple but kids love it!

It is also really easy to differentiate with this by using two pots.  For example I gave Freya some tricky words to read in one pot that she picked from and Seb had single sounds!

So here are my Free printables that I have made so far:


Numbers and Shapes:


How to use my free printables:

First I had to find the perfect lollypop sticks – this Jumbo ones from Amazon are good quality and a great size (perfect for my printables) – Giant Lollipop Sticks Natural Wood (Pack of 100) (Affiliate Link)

Of course you could just write with Sharpie Pens Sharpie Pack of 24 (Currently just £8.99!!) #Affiliate.

I have created my using water decals and the finish is brilliant!  I got mine from Crafty Computer papers and they have a great tutorial too!

You could always use Mod Podge Gloss All-In-One Decoupage Sealer / Glue / Finish (8 fl. oz. ) #affiliate if you wanted to print on plain paper.

I hope you enjoy this simple game and if you have any ideas for other printables just let me know!  info@montessorisoul.com



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