Telling time

Telling time
November 15, 2015 2 Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

This is going to have to be a quick post.  Firstly I want to thank Marnie at Carrots are orange for her inspiring Learning to tell time post.

Freya has been enjoying using the 5 bead chains to learn about 60 minutes in an hour.  I made my own bead chains and labels (free download).

Here are the link to my printables –

I have also used the printables combined with a short bead stair to make a clock.  I got the mechanism from Amazon and it seems brilliant DIY Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Red Hands Mechanism Repair Tool  #affiliate link.

Finally – I have three part cards for Analogue and digital time both o’clock and half past –

Just tacking this on at the end as I forgot I also have images designed for Kaboom lolly sticks!

See Kaboom blog post for great ideas on a very easy to make game that can enfore nearly any idea you are teaching 🙂


So sorry this was so rushed but I hope you find everything useful

Best wishes


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    Learning to tell time - Hands-On Ideas - Montessori Nature

    […] we did that by constructing our own play clock using Montessori math beads, which was inspired by Montessori Soul’s idea, and using Lego. As you know, Lego is incredibly versatile material and great for developing […]

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      A great idea! We love Lego too!


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