Sock Snowmen

Sock Snowmen
November 29, 2015 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Sock snowmen simple no sew project

 Start by getting your materials ready, you will need:

White sports socks
Elastic bands
Funnel (for ease of pouring – ours was fashioned out of a disposable cup!)
PVA Glue

Sock snowman simple step by step instructions

 1. Cut the sock in two just below the heel. Keep the toe for the hat.

2. Turn other piece inside out and secure at one end with an elastic band.

3. Turn right side out again and fill with rice.

4. Secure top with an elastic band.

5.  Tie string round the neck to form a head and body.

6.  Add a scarf, we used a bit of ribbon.

7.  Add details like face.  We used pens and buttons stuck on with PVA.

8. Add the other piece of sock as a hat.

No sew sock snowmen simple tutorial

Voila, fun and simple Snowmen.  Freya and Seb are desperate to make more!  Guess i need to source some good socks!

Enjoy, Jo 🙂

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