Artic Animals

Artic Animals
January 19, 2016 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Arctic animals lesson plan


This week we are going to look at how animals keep warm in winter.  I am going to set up a number of activities for the children to explore.  Here are the details and how to set them up yourself.

Types of Penguin

Types of penguin free cards


I have these cards as a free printable – Types of Penguins.  I love these Safari limited penguins – they are such detailed models and perfect size for little hands. You can purchase them from Educational Toys in the UK. #affiliate

Parts of a Penguin

Parts of a penguin free cards

These cards proved very popular last year – they are available free here – Parts of a Penguin. I will set the up with the emperor penguin model from this set  – You can purchase them from Educational Toys in the UK. #affiliate

Arctic animals

 Arctiic animals small world

A few bits of felt and the Safari arctic tube and the children have a simple small world experience.  I have some cards that match these too – Arctic animals free cards.  The Arctic toob is also available from Educational Toys. #affiliate

How do animals keep warm.

I love the blubber experiment.  I don’t have any photos I am afraid but you can see how to do it here.

I plan to incorporate timing into our lesson so that the children use the ipads to time how long they can keep their hands in the water comfortably.  


How do penguins stay dry

I also want to look at how penguins waterproof themselves.

I am planning to introduce this by looking at this picture:

Penguin Oil gland

 I will get the children to guess what the penguin is doing.

To see how waterproofing with oil works we will do this experiment.

  1. Get children to cut out some feathers from paper.
  2. Children can test what happens to paper when they put it in water.
  3. Next, get children to cut out another feather.
  4. This time get children to brush paper with oil
  5. What is the difference?

Well I can’t wait to try this all out in the morning – I hope by sharing it helps you too!

You can find more ideas on my Antarctica pinterest board.

Best wishes


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