5 minute butter from scratch

5 minute butter from scratch
June 8, 2016 No Comments Teaching Ideas admin

We have had fun making butter today.  Freya really enjoyed this and is was a great lesson in where food comes from.

Very simple to make you just need double cream, we left it out for couple of hours so it was at room temperature, and a clear jar.

5 minute butter from scratch

After about 1 minute the cream changed into a thick yellow consistency.  Don’t stop here – you need to keep shaking until there is a yellow lump in the middle with white milk around it.


5 minute butter pic 2

It took just over 3 minutes for the lump for form and it was surrounded by white butter milk.  The butter milk is very sour so this needs to be washed off the butter.  We used a sieve and just rinsed it with water.  You can either pat dry with a kitchen towel or leave for a minute so water runs away.

Next we packed the butter into a bowl and chilled it in the fridge.  Delicious!  Now we just need to make some nice bread to go with it.


5 minute butter in a jar

I have used this with some FREE printables to learn about where food comes from:

Types of crops – we used this to talk about making flour.

Where food comes from – products in their raw form and then when they have been made.

5 minute butter in a jar

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