Water colour wheel

Water colour wheel
June 26, 2016 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Water colour wheel using coloured water

Easy to make water colour wheels are also a great fine motor skills activity.

I use these glass bottles (find similar on amazon #affiliate) I made the colour water using brusho – (also available from amazon – brusho).  I love these brusho crystals – they are quite expensive but a little goes a long long way.  I use them for art, play dough making,  chalk paint making and much more! So well worth getting.

First download the free printable – Water colour wheel and laminate it.  I have found some great laminating pouches that work really well and don’t cost the earth. Laminating pouches  # affiliate.

pipette water onto the colour wheel

Freya carefully uses the pipette to add colour to cover each dot.  Once she covered all of the dots she mixed each section together using a cocktail stick.

Adding tissue to make colour wheel

Once they are all mixed she carefully laid a piece of kitchen towel over the top.

Water colour wheel finished on paper

This then led to lots of discussion about colours and colour mixing.

It has also been popular in classes when I have used it!

Hope you enjoy it too!

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