BFG Inspired Dream Jars

BFG Inspired Dream Jars
July 28, 2016 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

BFG inspired dream bottles

We went to see the new BFG film and we were blown away.  Such a brilliant film.  As we watched it my mind whirred with ideas of activities I could do with F and S.

As we are a few weeks into the holidays I wanted to do a little bit of writing with them so that they didn’t forget completely by the beginning of term!

As we saw the BFG collecting the dreams I thought it would be great to make some of our own dreams!  This would lead to some label making and then writing and drawing descriptions of the dreams they created!

I set up a tray so when F & S came down in the morning they could have an explore.  The tray was some basic bits from around the house – I have included some amazon affiliate links for bits that you may need to get:

BFG inspired dream bottles 2

Sorry for image on its side!  I’m too tired to change it!


Empty jam jars – I like to spray lids white so they look nicer – I have found great acrylic white paint

Glycerin – I use this alot so have big bottles at home

Various glitters and sequins – we raided poundland – so good for these kinds of things!



Glue stick

Dreams sensory jar

First we added the glitter and sequins.  As we were making the jar we talked about what dream they were making.  We discussed the colours we were choosing and why.

Next, we added a table of glycerin – it looked so beautiful in the jar!

Glycerin and glitter

Finally we filled it with water to the top!

I had made some labels so that we could glue them on the jar.

We then did some writing on some dream bordered paper I made (Free download).

Dreams border writing

It was lovely to see them writing and how they are coming on so well 🙂

After they had finished their writing they wanted to draw their dreams too!

The sweetest thing was that F & S decided that if they took their dreams to bed with them they might come true!

Sleeping with dream jar


Sweet dreams!!

As always we hope you enjoy this too!  If you have any questions or feedback please email me .

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