Snozcumber Slime

Snozcumber Slime
August 22, 2016 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Snozcumber Slime

Following on with our BFG theme we had great fun making ‘Snozcumber Slime’!

So much fun exploring this!  So simple to make too!

Chia seed slime

What do you need?

Chia seeds (affiliate link)
Large cucumber
Green food colouring



How did we do it?

First soak the chia seeds in a cup of water and add a little green food colouring.

After about 10 minutes they should have expanded.

Mix in a bowl with approximately 1 cup of corn flour – add is slowly mixing well until it just forms a liquid.

Now cut the cucumber in half and scrape out the middle.

All done – we use a cat litter tray (affiliate link) to explore.

Snozcumber sensory slime

See my other printables linked to the BFG:

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