Remembrance day window poppies

Remembrance day window poppies
November 3, 2016 No Comments Uncategorized montessorisoul

This was one of my favourite activities last year and the children loved it too!!

Cut the apple in half  and paint the flat side with red paint. 

Print it onto the INSIDE of a laminating pouch. 

Add a black center. We used a cut off carrot!

Then you can add a stem and leaves with a paint brush. 

Now it is really important to make sure that it dries properly! See top tips below!

Once it is dry you can close the laminating sheet and put it through the laminator. 

We cut some of ours out and left some on whole sheets. 

They look so beautiful a perfect way to introduce rememberance day. 

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Top Tips:

Make sure paint is dry or it will spread out!

Let the paint dry naturally or it will crack and peel.  It still looked ok laminated though 🙂

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