Glitter Slime – Borax Free – 4 simple ingredients

Glitter Slime – Borax Free – 4 simple ingredients
December 4, 2016 3 Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Glitter borax free slime

This has been an absolute hit this weekend with all ages!!  Freya and Seb loved making the slime – the glitter has been contained and not spread everywhere and they have played and explored for hours!  That’s a win-win-win for me!!

This is an amazingly simple recipe without and borax and uses ingredients that can be purchased easily any where in the world – not hunting for borax or liquid starch which we find hard to find in the UK.  Here is a shopping list – I have included affiliate links t make it a bit easier:


PVA Glue – I always buy 5 litres at a time as we use PVA a lot – you could just buy a smaller bottle – PVA Glue on amazon

Bicarbonate of soda

Contact lens solution – if you don’t buy this one check it contains boric acid as this reacts with the bicarbonate of soda to help make the slime apparently!

Glitter – any glitter will do!! In the UK I have found B&M home stores has amazing big tubs of glitter for just £1.99


For each 1 cup of PVA glue that you use you will need 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Mix these together in a bowl.

Add desired amount of glitter – you can always add more later 🙂

Glitter slime

We added lots!

Next you need to add the contact lens solution – we add about a tablespoon at a time.

Contact lens solution slime

Mix well and then add another tablespoon.

Repeat this until the desired slime is achieved.

It will start to come together in a lump on the spoon.  If you then touch it with your finger to test if it is sticky.  If it is – add some more contact lens solution.

Now you are ready to play!!

Glitter slime blue and green

You can roll it…

Stretch it…

We have had so much fun!!


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