DIY Bird Feeders in 5 Minutes!

DIY Bird Feeders in 5 Minutes!
April 4, 2017 Comments Off on DIY Bird Feeders in 5 Minutes! Family Life, Forest Schools montessorisoul

We have started to learn about the birds in our garden and we decided we wanted to try and encourage some more!

A quick trip to the local supermarket and we got some bird seed and dried worms!  (Much to Seb’s delight!)  You can also order these on amazon #affiliate.

We have been using these free cards to learn about British birds:

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Now we needed to find a way to feed the birds without spending a fortune on bird feeders.  Luckily we had camembert for lunch and it gave me this idea!

Shopping list:

Camembert box (never far from my fridge and I always keep old ones for crafting much to my husbands dismay!
String – I always like to use natural string
Bradawl or small screw driver


First, make four holes in the camembert case on opposite sides.

Next, cut 2 lengths of string approximately 60 cms.

Thread the string through the holes on opposite sides and secure with a knot.


Fill with seeds and worms and you are ready to go.

Ready to hang in a tree

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