Sun Safety for Kids with UV Bracelets

Sun Safety for Kids with UV Bracelets
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We all know how important it is to teach our kids about staying safe in the sun.  Since a young age we have talked about this with Freya and Seb.  Sometimes though it is hard for them to see when we need to put on suncream.  How can they tell when UV isn’t visible?  Well they can now with these simple UV bracelets.  As soon as they are exposed to UV they start to change colour!

As you can see above – the beads are white when there is no UV and then Purple, pink or blue when they are exposed to UV.

These UV beads are very affordable – I got mine from amazon. #affiliate

I have made these in school too.  It was a great lesson and I didn’t tell the children about the special beads, we just made the bracelets to start with.  I saw this design on the fabulous blog RedTedArt – no need to make my own so here it is.  Simply use the UV Pony beads instead of the coloured ones. You will need loom bands too!

Once we got outside the children started to notice the change.

We discussed what it might be.  Eventually we decided it was the sun.  I told the children it was UV light that is invisible but comes from the sun.  This is what also causes sunburn,  So now the children know when their bracelet changes colour they need Sun Screen.

Here are some pics of Freya and Seb making them too 🙂

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