DIY Kids Suncatcher

DIY Kids Suncatcher
January 14, 2018 Comments Off on DIY Kids Suncatcher Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Trying out some ideas for school we had a great time making these this morning.  Nice and mess free!  I have tried to make it so that Freya can achieve them independently which she did!  Here are some photos of what we did.

To make these suncatcher we used the following (I have added affiliate links to amazon but they can be purchased else where too!)

Tissue paper
Glue stick – I find the cheaper ones work better for this.
Laminating pouch

Freya traced round a template and drew a heart on the inside of the laminating pouch.

She then filled the circle with glue.

Next she covered with a single layer of tissue paper.  We cut the tissue into neat squares to make it easier.

Freya squeezed two onto one pouch!

Now pass through the laminator – look how bright the colours are!

The final step is to carefully cut them out using the outline.

We only had a very grey day – but how pretty do they look!

Here are some links to my free downloads about shapes:

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