Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Easter Egg Hunt Challenge
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Over the years I have been refining this Easter egg hunt idea, it is always a hit, from the younger children all the way up.   At the end you can always give a chocolate egg for the completed sheet!

The hunt only takes a few minutes to prepare.  You can either use the coloured eggs on my free printable (link at the bottom of this post)  or you can purchase the lovely wooden eggs from Hobbycraft. (Not an affiliate link, just I like them!)

I coloured them using the Chunky felt pens from pound land.  These are great as they come in 12 different colours.  I coloured them to match the sheets I made (but if you don’t have the Hobbycraft eggs you could just laminate the free printable)

Once you are all prepared – just spread the eggs around your hunt area – I normally attach them low down on a tree with a couple of pens with each one.  It is so lovely to see everyone huddling round each tree.

This normally takes about 20 – 30 minutes – so perfect for a lesson outdoors!

I really hope that this is useful – everything you need is available for free – Easter Egg Hunt Challenge Free printable.

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