Ending Screen Time battles

Ending Screen Time battles
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This has been a Game changer for us. My kids, like many others, love their iPads. I have been trying to limit the time that they have on them, as I can see dramatic changes in their behaviour with too much use. I had explored apps such as OurPact but at £6.99 a month I felt it was cost prohibitive.

Now I have discovered the screen time controls released with the latest update from Apple. This takes the nagging away from me, as the children know they have one hour a day on the games on the iPad and now they automatically switch off.

 Apple have just released an update which includes an amazing screen controls. They allow you to set how much time your children can use the apps for (or anyone in your household) and can also enforce a blanket screen ban.
Very simple to set up, and you can control anyone who is in your account or linked to you as a family member. This really has been a game changer in our house as it takes the responsibility of managing screen time away from me (less nagging and being ignored) and it is a simple switch off.
 To implement this I gave the children clear boundaries to avoid any meltdowns at switch of time. I explained that the iPads would not work after one hour and then they had to turn them off.
In the beginning, they did ask for extensions but I insured from day one that this wasn’t allowed so there have been no further negotiations.
Step-by-step set up guide

Go to the Settings menu and choose ‘Screen Time’

This is the screen time menu:

This is also available as a free download – How to set screen time limits.

This has had a massive impact on our house – I hope it helps you too!

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