Learning about Space

Learning about Space
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Learning about space



As I posted earlier in the week Freya and Seb have been fascinated by the stars and moon at the moment. I suppose it makes up for the early dark nights we’re having that the children can see the moon and stars before bedtime!

So our starting point – the Night sky. Wrapped up warm we had a look at the stars and the moon! We talked about what they looked like – how far away they are – and who lives there!

I go some books together – both fiction and non-fiction. Seb was most interested in the rockets an astronauts and Freya the moon. So here are the activities I have set up for them ready for tomorrow.

As always Pinterest is one of my first ports of call for inspiration – see my Astronomy board.

Space activities


I made a frame for the 3-D Planets # affiliate that I had already. This gives a hands on matching activity. The planet cards are available in the free downloads section.

Space small world

This small world tray is designed using the Toob Safari Toob Space Miniatures #affiliate and the three part space cards. I can’t wait for Seb to explore this – I have also made a circle of white felt for the moon and a large square of black felt and some ‘star’ fabric.

Phases of the moon

To help Freya follow her interest I got the Phases of the Moon cards out.

Phases of the moon box

On Pinterest I saw this amazing idea to create a model to try and help understand why the moon looks different each night! Wow it is brilliant. Thank you to University of Cambridge. Below is the view through one of the holes – it really looks like the moon! I used a white pool ball – we tried a ping pong ball but it was too transparent and the crescent didn’t show up clearly enough.

Space box moon view

We also looked at some videos on YouTube – here are a few of the best ones we found:

Discovery rocket launch – wow! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnoNITE-CLc

Moons orbit round earth – great description as likens to car on a roundabout so that is why we always only see one side of the moon! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgoIP90apEs

Simple moon orbiting earth model – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx8lfcrxw6s

Great video for adults who want to learn about the movement of earth/moon/sun – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=op6vsLNf3WY&index=2&list=PLppOsgRMi6Y3_7ZGe56EN26E0Mehpc7f5

This is such a huge topic – as its half term hopefully we’ll do some nice art or craft projects based on this – keep an eye on my instagram.



How to catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers – Beautifully illustrated book about a boys journey trying to catch a star.

The Path to the stars by Gillian Shields – A story of adventrue when a little white horse tries to find the starts.

My Dream Bed by Lauren Child – Great book with lots of interactive flaps, pulls for children to engage with.

Star Seeker by Theresa Heine – Great story to introduce planets and constellations.


Mini Space Encyclopedia by Miles Kelly – I love this little book – lots of information and small enough for your handbag for quieter moments!

First Big Book of Space by Catherine D Hughes – National Geographic you can’t fail!

 Look inside Space by Rob Lloyd Jones – Great for younger children with lots of flaps to lift gives a great talking point.

 I wonder why Stars Twinkle by Carole Stott – great series of book that answer questions and inspire children to question – also provides some ideas for practical activities to try at home (or in school!)

Rockets and Spaceships DK readers –  I love this book as it is designed for children to be able to read themselves.

Starry Sky DK Readers – Another for Children to read themselves or with you but slightly more advanced.

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