Top Tips for Christmas Cakes with kids

Top Tips for Christmas Cakes with kids
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My Top Tips for decorating cakes with Children!

I love making Christmas cakes and have done them for as long as I can remember. I used to make them with my Mum as a child and remember her making proper royal icing. Over the years I have spent hours making our cake look as beautiful as possible…. Then I had children and they want to decorate the cake. At first I was going to make a second cake for the Children – but this would a) be expensive and b) it always takes ages to eat it all and with two cakes we would be eating it until next Christmas!

So as I make a cake which is square the solution was to make 4 mini cakes – perfect! I still get to decorate one for Christmas day and the kids can decorate theirs without my constant inturuption!

As a side I have used the same recipe for 10 years now and it is always delicious! It is the Waitrose Christmas Cake with Drambuie-Soaked Fruits. #Waitrose

Christmas cake decorating

First Freya rolled out the marzipan – she is getting very handy with the rolling pin. I do want to get some wooden guides for the thicknes though – its on my to do list!

Christmas cake decorating 2

Once she had rolled the Mazipan and put it on the cake Freya trimmed it off. Top Tip: Turn the cake upside down when you marzipan it – the bottom of the cake is much flatter and gives a great smooth finish.

Christmas cake decorating 3

Next the icing. I have moved away from the Royal Icing my Mum used to use ready to roll icing – I love the smooth finish it gives you.

Christmas cake decorating 4

Freya wanted to write on her Cake – and she takes great care in her work. We had some little tubes of icing but it was very hard for Freya to write neatly. So, I decided too help with this part.

Christmas cake decorating 5

Top Tip: To control how much ended up on the cake (or in Seb’s case, in his tummy!) I poured some decorations onto a plate. Freya and Seb choose the gold and silver stars and silver balls this year.

Christmas cake decorating 9

Let the creation begin!

Christmas cake decorating 6

Seb was very proud of his work!

Christmas cake decorating 7

Freya spent over half an hour very carefully decorating her cake – I love her concentration at the moment!

Christmas cake decorating 8

We have ribbon on our shopping list to put round the edge of our cake – but wanted to get the post up while it is still relevent!

One more thing! When we finished the cakes Seb wanted to eat some. I explained that it was a Christmas cake so we eat them at Christmas. He thought a little… ‘Mine isn’t a Christmas cake, it’s a weekend cake so I can eat it now!’ Well with reasoning like that I couldn’t say no! So we all had a slice! Delicious!

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