Simple decorations from Lolly pops / popsicles

Simple decorations from Lolly pops / popsicles
December 19, 2014 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

Lolly pop decorations

Lollypop decorations – Simple ideas for easy to make decorations!

So we are a filling our days now we are not at school with lots of crafts. I have noticed this holiday that Freya has really gained confidence in having her own ideas. So I gave her the materials she needed to make lollypop decorations and left the laptop open on my Christmas Pinterest page and here is what she did..

Lollypop Reindeer

First Freya decided to make a Reindeer (inspired by the Paro post thank you!) I showed her how to use the Sticky Dots which were perfect for sticking the Lollysticks together and double sided sticky tape and she was away!

Lolly pop reindeer

As soon as Seb saw Freya he wanted to join in too! He needed some help sticking the lollypop sticks together but he really enjoyed it too!


Lolly pop Christmas tree

Next Freya decided to make the Christmas tree (inspired by Happy Hooligans thank you) I love how she has come up with her own design for the star on the top of the tree!

Lolly pop decorations

Here are Freya’s finished (nearly) decorations. She designed the loop for hanging them by herself! I love that she added the ears to the reindeer too. As soon as Seb saw this he wanted some too which Freya quickly made for him! Santa hat was inspired by Buggy and Buddy.

Lollypop Reindeer decoration

Just as we were packing away Freya spotted some bells! She soon found a way to give the reindeer a jingle bell collar!!

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