2014 – My first year blogging

2014 – My first year blogging
December 22, 2014 No Comments Teaching Ideas montessorisoul

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2014 round up!

As I only started my blog this Autumn (Fall) I have had so much to learn! I have taken the last week to reflect on what I have learnt and what has been enjoyed the most. I love that Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow does her monthly round up – so I thought I would do my end of year one!

Most popular blog posts

I have really enjoyed sharing what we do at home and in School with you all and it it so nice to see that so many people are reading my blog – here are the most popular posts I have done.

  1. MontessorisSoul learning about space Learning about Space
  2. MontessoriSoul learning about weather All about Weather
  3. MontessoriSoul Paper Christmas Wish Tree Paper Christmas Wish Tree
  4. MontessoriSoul - learning about Whales A Whale of a weekend!
  5. MontessoriSoul learning about Turtles All about Turtles

Most Popular Downloads

The reason I set up my site was to share all of the resources that I make for my work – I am so pleased that I have had nearly 10,000 downloads far excedding my expectations thank you!

  1. Blue Language Materials – Pictures and words – Set 1
  2. Planets
  3. Phases of the Moon cards
  4. Turkey (parts of)
  5. Space cards

Thank yous!

And finally a big thank you to my Top 5 referrers and to everyone else who has helped my on my blogging journey,

  1. redtedart.com
  2. montessorinature.com
  3. livingmontessorinow.com
  4. carrotsareorange.com
  5. racheous.com

So THANK YOU again to everyone for making my start to blogging so enjoyable! I hope that over the coming year I will be able to share lots more Free Printables with you 🙂

As always I hope you enjoy this post, if you have any questions or feedback please email me info@montessorisoul.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/montessorisoul please like me to keep up to date with my posts as I make new materials all of the time.

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/montessorisoul please follow me to see my latest pins and what is inspiring me.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Jo x

Jo @ MontessoriSoul


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