Seb’s 6th Birthday Lego Party

Seb’s 6th Birthday Lego Party
January 4, 2017 No Comments Uncategorized montessorisoul

I LOVE Pinterest. If am am planning anything, a party, a lesson, a sewing project, I will always make a board and search for ideas and inspiration. If you are interested my Pinterest board is

But back to Seb’s birthday. The boy is obsessed with Logo so it was an easy option to do a Lego Party. 
I have found spending time finding simple but effective ideas can have a great impact. So I researched food, decoration and games.  All pinned on to my Lego Party board. I have also created some things from other parties adapted for the Lego theme.


Such a simple idea – yellow balloons and sharpies!! We used oil based sharpies for the white. 

This became a bit of a mission – but using a5 craft foam I made rectangles 10cm x 15cm. Cut 6 circles approx 3cm. Glued using my amazing new glue gun I got for Christmas. Finally, added the letters and threaded onto a string. Looks amazing!


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